Couples are bringing a more natural feel and look to their big day. Lush wedding decorations like greenery table runners and wedding arches are just a few examples of what you will be seeing.


The Vintage wedding theme will never fade. Sequins, lace, and pearls will always rock your big day. However, to spice up your vintage theme adds some metallic/sequins colors to your decorations along with bridesmaid’s dresses.


If you are more laid back and want to have a more casual wedding, a Boho Chic themed wedding is the perfect theme for you. Flowers and tassels can effortlessly express your personal style.


I know what you all are thinking and no I am not refereeing to the Twilight Saga. Couples have combined sunset weddings and their love of nature to create a magical twilight wedding. Light up your big day with accent florals and decorative lights to create an amazing feel.


These are what dreams are made of. Couples love to have a fairytale ending so why not have it  with all you friends and family on your big day. It’s a dream come true.


If you haven’t heard Rose Quarts and Serenity are this year’s Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year and they are taking over the wedding industry. However, keep a look out  for more pastel color combinations this season.


The natural elegance of a home garden wedding paired with a modern, glamorous style will make your day absolutely breathtaking.

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