Save On Venues

  • When selecting a venue you have a lot to consider. If you can find a venue that you love that provides tables, chairs, table numbers, candles etc. then you are in for a treat! Having a venue that provides these options cut down on having to use other vendors. This will save you money in the long run.
  • If no one has told you yet be aware of the Peak Season prices and the Off Season pricing. If you want to get married in the spring or fall but can’t afford peak season schedule your wedding right before or after peak season that way you can still have nice weather and it won’t hurt your wallet.
  • Keep the guest list small. Cutting down on guests gives you more money so that you can give your guest a 5 star treatment and a wedding experience they will never forget!
  • There are so many creative way to deal with the bar at your wedding. You can do cash bar all night, open bar just for cocktail hour or even have open bar with just beer and wine. If you prefer to have your guests not pay then keep it limited to house beer and wine then close the open bar after cocktail hour and have staff pour glasses of wine during dinner. This slows the pace of consumption and can make the bar bill less of a shock at the end of the night.


Save On Invitations

  • Do you have a creative friend that would like to lend a helping hand? Have them create your invitations as their wedding present to you. Just don’t forget to invite them to the wedding.
  • If you love to DIY, then start browsing the internet. It is full of designs and printing services that can take the stress out of layout design. Simply browse, select and fill in the blanks. Some websites even offer mailing options. It doesn’t get much easier that that!


Save On Decorations

  • Get your bridesmaids involved and create your own centerpieces. This is a fun way to incorporate sentimental items while creating memories with your closest girlfriends.
  • Shop local. Stop by your local flower shops or even your supermarket. They will often have good deals on flowers and greenery. Don’t be afraid to bring out the haggler in you! You may even be able to work out a deal based on quantity and flower type.
  • If your venue is already stunning, let it speak for its self. Sometimes all your need is candle light to make your dream night even more romantic.
  • Reuse your bridesmaid’s bouquets. They can add some extra color to your cake table, gift table etc.!
  • Hit the web! There are so many groups on social media where ladies are looking to sell and buy others wedding décor for their own wedding. They sell their decorations for cheap so go check it out you never know what you may find!


Save On Photography & Music

  • Check out local colleges. It might be worth it to meet with some photography professors and see which students would best fit the task. See if they will shoot for a small fee (or perhaps for free) with the deal being that they would build their portfolio.
  • Go digital and create a hash tag people can load photos from their phones to.
  • Create a wedding website where your guests can add songs to the evening playlist. This is a great way to incorporate everyone and will have them singing and dancing all night long. Just load the playlist and plug into the venues system


Save On Food, Drinks, & Favors

  • Favors are an optional cost. Save on the extra expense and do something more creative that is from the heart, for example
  • Hors d’oeuvres is always extra and guests tend to fill up on them and don’t eat the main entrée that you sent $120 per person on. Skip the past hors d’oeuvres and serve crackers, cheese, and fruit instead.


Save On The Wedding Cake

  • Skip your venues dessert menu and have cake and homemade treats made by family members that make incredible treats.
  • Do something different; instead of the traditional wedding cake serve your guests cupcakes.
  • Wedding cakes can get pricy so have a small wedding cake for show then have a sheet cake in the back from your guests for dessert.


Save On Wedding Attire For Him

  • No need to buy a tux for the big day, just rent one.
  • Go bohemian for your big day that way you’re boo can wear one of his suits that he looks incredible in already.


Save On Wedding Attire & Accessories For Her

  • Bridal boutiques are all always have sales on wedding dresses so make sure you shop for bargains.
  • Pick a tailored white or cream dress that can be repurposed
  • Make sure to ask bridal boutiques about their sales.
  • Make your own garter or ask a friend to help.
  • Buy a second-hand veil, or use a veil that one of your family members wore.
  • Wear flowers or a tiara in your hair instead of a veil.
  • Borrow your jewelry from your friends and family.


Save On Hair, Nails, & Makeup

  • It’s the beauty things that add up; if you go to hair dresser she may do your makeup if you ask.
  • Choose a simple hair style.
  • Do your own hair or get a friend to help you.


Other Extras To Save On

  • Keep your bridal party to a minimum.
  • Skip the confetti, bubbles or rice after the ceremony.
  • Choose an extrovert to MC for the night.
  • Reserve a limo and driver on Uber.
  • Have your friends and family decorate your car for the wedding instead of getting a limo.
  • Pick a friend with a nice car to provide the “limo” and be the drive.


Save On Your Honeymoon

  • Save on the honeymoon by visiting a nearby city with cool attractions.
  • If you want to go international research all inclusive couple resorts.
  • Borrow a holiday house from a friend.


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