1. Convertible Wedding DressConvertible Wedding Dress
Forget the dilemma of  “should I wear 2 dresses on my wedding day?!” a convertible  wedding dress that can take you from traditional ceremony chic to reception  party ready with an easy detachable skirt is the way to go this year.



2. Wedding Concierge Pros
Now a days it is very common for couples to outsource a few or all of their wedding planning tasks. This might include hiring a bridesmaid to take care of posting your big day on social media and even hiring a trainer for your four-legged ring bearer.



3. Creative Drink StationCreative Drink Station
This secondary bar is a good way to keep the flow of the party. The Creative Drink Station also known as the “Satellite Bar” at the reception can feature a signature Cocktail, Sangria Bar, Mimosa’s Bar, or even a wine tastings area.



4. Add Some Soul Music
Contemporary Choirs are a great way to take the entertainment to the next level on the big day. During the ceremony guests can be serenaded by the ensemble or surprise everyone with an a cappella version of our favorite song at the reception.



5. Karaoke Party
I mean let’s be serious who doesn’t love a little Karaoke; it’s a great way to keep guests entertained well into the night.



6. Sweet EndingsSweet Endings
If you haven’t heard the traditional wedding cake is getting an upgrade in 2016, leave it to Disney to turn an ordinary wedding cake into a magical work of art. (www.youtube.com) Good news for those of you with a sweet tooth: donut displays and cupcake stands are becoming a huge trend.



7. Total Personalization
Brides and grooms are displaying their unique tastes and interest on their big day in interesting ways- whether it’s by serving Aunties homemade cupcakes for dessert, asking a close friend to officiate the ceremony or creating save the date invitations with a football theme.



8. 3-D Floral’s
3-D floral’s have finally entered the wedding world! Floral appliques aren’t unfamiliar to the bridal industry but flowers that pop are! This new emerging trend brings the dress to life by adding texture and dimension and some serious beauty.



9. Food-Inspired Floral ElementsFood-Inspired Floral Elements
Fruits and veggies aren’t just for eating. Couples are using produce to spruce up bouquets and centerpieces in a new and exciting way.



10. Locally Sourced Food
Many couples have been making a point to serve their guest’s high-quality, local fare. Instead of the traditional chicken and beef their wedding menus are consisting of grass-fed beef or wild-caught salmon with a side of local farm veggies.



11. Stylish GroomsStylish Grooms
Ladies if you haven’t heard you’re not the only one who wants a mid-wedding wardrobe change this year. Some “fashion-forward grooms” are changing their jackets for the reception, or spicing up their big day look with a different pocket square or bowtie.



12. All That Glitters
Metallics are coming in hot with their cool contemporary feel. While matte metallics are becoming very popular 2016 doesn’t discriminate. From table cloths to bridesmaid’s gowns to invites, weddings are shimmering this year.


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